Associate Consulting Institute (ACI)

ACI entails training a select group of gentlemen with relative affiliations, to assist with new chapter expansion and maintenance. These gentlemen will help to promote the vision and the passion of the SAAB organization.

ACI is led by Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, SAAB Founder/CEO and is a critical component at this stage of SAAB's growth as there is a dire need to administer support to chapter functions across the country.

The primary purpose of ACI is to engage chapter relations through site location support and training for both chapter advisors and membership leadership training. As the SAAB National Headquarters takes the vision of SAAB forward to maximize its goals and purpose, the ACI will aid in supporting those efforts and maintain connections among and between each chapter and the National Headquarters office.

In addition, ACI will aid in initiating and establishing new relationships with colleges and universities to bring new chapters on board and assist in the development processes of all chapters to unify the SAAB experience for students and those who direct and support chapters across the country. The creation of a technology base will assist communications for chapters in efforts to:

  • Monitor membership levels and related activities
  • Conduct advisor and chapter leadership training sessions
  • Provide data collection for assessment of program effectiveness
  • Assist in promotional efforts to determine potential target markets