Benefits of SAAB Institutional Membership

SAAB membership is open to any male who attends an institution that has a registered SAAB Chapter.

Institutions that have an interest in supporting the development of males of color on their campus and in the surrounding community can visit Establishing a SAAB Chapter for more information on getting their institution involved with the SAAB Experience.

Some of the benefits of SAAB Membership include:

  • No individual fee for staff or students of member institutions
  • Discount rate for  SAAB National Conference registration
  • Reduced rates on all SAAB consultations

Innovations, Intellectual Property, Research, Technology & Trademark

  • Use of the SAAB (B2B) Brand as a culturally-sensitive national organization and our trademark SAAB logo
  • Access to reports of data from research & assessment projects conducted by SAAB
  • Access to best practices and innovative strategies to address the recruitment and retention of African American and Latino males
  • Online Newsletters and updates
  • Access to archived workshop and conference materials
  • National Headquarters website
  • Access to and use of the SAAB Data System (SDS) and all pertinent reports
  • Use of all SAAB Intellectual Property (e.g., Personal Development Plan, Organizational Structure, Personal Development Plan [PDP], 3-month planning module, Theory of Change

Professional and Student Development: SAAB offers a wide range of educational opportunities for students and advisors:

  • National Conferences
  • Membership and Profile Accounts  (Selected Chapters Participating in the SAAB Data System)
  • Capacity to collect data and measure students’ progress
  • Access to SAAB Board of Directors meetings when held at regional and national conferences
  • An organization designed to assist African American and Latino males with challenges around positive self-image.
  • An evidence-based model with a successful track record of creating a college going, college staying and college graduating culture of young men of color
  • An organization committed to the personal, academic and professional development of its members
  • An organization that values “inclusiveness” and one’s interest over exclusivity
  • An organization that is “not a fraternity”---but a structured BROTHERHOOD designed to build engagement and increase participation amongst young men of color at respective schools.