Chapter Structure

SAAB distinguishes itself from other minority student programs in the following ways:

  • A national success rate as a dynamic educational-based organization that serves thousands of young men at 180 middle schools, high schools; community colleges and four-year institutions with chapters that are at least 5 years old. Eighty Six percent (86%) of SAAB student members graduate from college, compared to a national average of 42% among black men in particular.
  • To become a SAAB member one must accept the charge to be a role model and a mentor. SAAB members are polite, sincere, hardworking, and encouraging; knowing that these characteristics are counter to the popular but offensive negative images of young black and brown men in America.
  • SAAB members are required to tutor and mentor high school, middle school and elementary students as a way to seed the same caring spirit that SAAB promotes.
  • When compared to other male support groups and fraternal organizations geared towards the same population, SAAB maintains stricter membership requirements that are unrelated to entertainment or sports.
  • SAAB Chapters must adhere to annual membership requirements and core standards to remain part of the national network and comply with implementation fidelity desired across all chapters.
Chapter Leadership Structure

Fifteen (15) Key Executive Student Leaders Per Chapter
Key Executive Student Leaders: Three (3) Students: (President, Vice President, Secretary)

Chapter Executive Leadership Team Positions
Six Committees: Twelve (12) Students (Chair and Co-Chair Per Committee)

Institutional Chapter Advisory Members: Two (2) to Three (3) Members