SAAB Data Assessment Development

OMG Center for Collaborative Learning conducted research to assist SAAB in developing a chapter assessment system to determine the success of SAAB on the lives of its student chapter members. A three part data collection system was designed over a three year period from 2008 to 2011. The components assess the affects and Data gathered through these systems helps SAAB National Headquarters to not only determine how SAAB affects students, but also is useful in pursuing grant funding and overall reporting functions. A Final Report was submitted by OMG at the conclusion of the work and is available for review. The following components comprise the SAAB Data Assessment System:

Data Collection System

SAAB Chapter Advisors enter relevant data each semester on the student members in their chapter to reflect demographic, academic and activity levels. Chapter Advisors are also able to create reports based on the data entered which can be utilized in reporting, funding support and other internal functions for their institutions.

Student Online Survey

Student chapter members participate in an annual survey to relate their feelings about their membership in SAAB and about their lives in general - both on and off campus. This survey is conducted through Survey Monkey and provides much needed data to support the data entered via the Data Collection System.

Chapter Advisor Survey

The final component of the SAAB Data Assessment System is the Chapter Advisor Survey, which provides information on how advisors relate to their students and what role the SAAB chapter plays on their campus and in how they interact with their student chapter members.