SAAB National Spokesperson: Dondrė Whitfield

As National Spokesperson for Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB), it is my distinct honor to greet you! As an ambassador for expedient enhancement and change, it is my duty to be a megaphone for this great organization. Serving as the voice of such powerfully astute, compassionate and transparent young men of color it is a responsibility that I deem as important as the rearing of my own children.

Each of these young men are a constant reminder of the support I rarely received during my most formative years. While pursuing an education was encouraged, sadly, it was seldom presented as obtainable. I never had a peer based community to serve as a vital instrument of accountability. When an individual feels loved, supported and held accountable in their education rich environment they are properly set up to succeed. SAAB gives our mentored men the tools that are necessary to achieve their goals; both proficiently and efficiently.           

The clarity of vision and execution from these academic and spiritual warriors is under the guidance of SAAB Founder/CEO, Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe (affectionately known to us all as “Doc”). He has served as a mentor and father figure to each of them. Considering that there are nearly 300 chapters across the country, maintaining his connectivity to these mentees is nothing short of remarkable. However, great leadership is always remarkable.

Coupled with Doc’s direction and keen leadership, along with my absolute passion for this cause we will make SAAB an even bigger agency of change and influence. Each day I begin and end my day thinking “I am my brother’s keeper”. I can also hear each young man of color in unison say, “and together we will rise!”


Dondrė Whitfield