The State of Education for Males of Color - Reports

  • Effective Strategies for Mentoring African American Boys by G. R. Jarjoura, Principal Researcher, Human and Social Development: This brief provides a look at the ways that mentoring programs may effectively serve African American boys and presents a list of promising programs that have been shown to effectively address the unique needs of African American boys, contributing to positive outcomes.
  • Mentoring urban Black Middle-School Male Students: Implications for Academic Achievement: Researchers have called for innovative and culturally responsive intervention programs to enhance male, African American middle school students’ academic achievement. Authors: Gordon, D. M., Yale University School of Medicine; Iwamoto, D., Yale University School of Medicine; Ward, N., Yale University School of Medicine; Potts, R., Private Practice; Boyd, E., The University of South Dakota.

  • Moving From Standards to Supports: John Jackson, President and CEO, Schott Foundation speaks about Black and Latino students who struggle in underresourced schools, are pushed out of the classroom by harsh discipline policies, and are systematically denied a fair, substantive opportunity to learn.
  • The College Payoff Report, "A college degree pays off — but by just how much?" In this report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, they examine just what a college degree is worth - and what else besides a degree might influence an individual’s potential earnings.
  • Projects of Jobs and Education Requirements through 2018. From the Georgetown University Center on Education and The Workforce: The United States is unable to help people match their edu­cational preparation with their career ambitions—not because it cannot be done but because it simply is not being done. All the information required to align postsecondary educational choices with careers is available, but unused.
  • A Call for Change: The Social and Educational Factors Contributing to the Outcomes of Black Males in Urban Schools. The nation’s young Black males do not have the same opportunities as their male or female counterparts across the country.
  • New Report “Yes We Can” Shows America’s Public Schools Fail Over Half the Nation’s Black Male Students. The Schott Foundation Releases Fourth State-by-State Data Set Showing an Overwhelming Majority of U.S. School Districts and States Are Failing to Provide the Resources Black Males Need to Close the National Racial Graduation Gap.