Special Founders Day Message from Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe ~ October 17, 2011

"On October 17, 1990 at the rapturous age of 29, I began what continues to be an amazing journey since establishing the first chapter of SAAB at Georgia Southwestern State University to address the academic and societal needs of the African American males on that campus.

As we mark our 21st anniversary, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to the thousands of students, advisors and SAAB alums along with our many friends and partners.  Thank you all for your hard work, commitment, dedication and Prayers! You have all aided in helping to grow SAAB from that small foundation laid forth 21 years ago to become one of the country’s best practices and model initiative in addressing the many challenges and ills impacting males of color in our nation today. 

We still have a long way to go as we continue the much needed work to transform and graduate males of color while at the same time helping our country to rebuild an economy that can compete on a global stage. I am confident that SAAB will experience exponential growth and make a substantial impact in educational and economic equality to be witnessed within my lifetime."

Student African American Brotherhood ~ Established October 17, 1990!