SAAB Organization History

The story of SAAB begins in 1990 when it was established by Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe on October 17, 1990 on the campus of Georgia Southwestern State University. The organization was established to address the academic and social challenges of African American males at Georgia Southwestern and has many collegiate and high school chapters around the country. The organization has impacted thousands of at-risk African American and Latino male students and spans across 27 states.

SAAB is an organization committed to access for and success of at-risk males in high school and college, with a clear vision and a passion for delivering outstanding results. Graduates of SAAB have gone on to be competitive in the professional world of work and serve as role models for inner-city neighborhoods throughout the country. SAAB assists men of color to realize and achieve their fullest potential by fostering a “spirit of caring” and to transform themselves by changing their attitudes, mentoring their fellow brothers and providing positive leadership within their community at large. The organization’s commitment to enhancing the school and life experiences of underprivileged men of color is fueled by the synergy of the college campus and the concept of graduating from high school and college as a means to survival and self-sufficiency.

By mobilizing and developing human capital through our student participants, SAAB is infusing our society with a culture of young men that will make a national impact and empower all people through appropriate mentoring and role modeling despite socio-economic disparities, to achieve an education and in turn play an active role in bettering the lives of others.

The SAAB Vision

SAAB is recognized as a national leader and movement organized to set the standard for organizational excellence. Through leadership, mentoring, advocacy, and action, SAAB will remove educational barriers for at-risk youth and ensure that significantly more Black and Latino men graduate from college and to empower those graduates with the ethics and networks necessary to set a higher standard of achievement for men of color by fostering a spirit to care about themselves and others---resulting in Saving Lives and Salvaging Dreams of all people.