Guidelines for SAAB and or B2B Name Use

The following guidelines have been established for use of the SAAB or B2B name in public domain areas, i.e. nationally viewed websites, social media arenas, Facebook, Twitter, and any other use that is deemed as ‘viewed by the general public’.

We ask that SAAB advisors and SAAB student leaders read the new policies and share them with your chapter members and friends who attend and/or participate in SAAB related activities.

  • When the acronym for Student African American Brotherhood is used, it is to be used as SAAB – NOT S.A.A.B.
  • At no time is any chapter to use the words National or Headquarters in reference to a SAAB Chapter.
  • Because SAAB is a culturally sensitive organization that is diverse in its membership, we offer the option of using either Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) or Brother 2 Brother (B2B) for your chapter. The choice is totally up to the wishes of your institution.
  • The name Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB), Brother to Brother (B2B) Must Be Clearly Identified with the middle or high school – community college or university affiliation being represented.
  • Spell out the institution name to avoid confusion with other similar institution names, such as University of Akron and University of Arkansas. Both may use the UofA or UA – but public use for SAAB purposes, names are to be fully spelled out.
SAAB Chapter - University of Akron Brother 2 Brother Georgia Highlands Chapter
University of Toledo SAAB Chapter University of Texas SAAB Chapter
Mt. Miguel Brother to Brother Chapter B2B Chapter - Mt. Miguel


Please reach Ms. Sheila Doles at or Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe at with any questions.