SAAB Organization News 2009 - 2008

The Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB: Building a positive peer-support community: In any given week, if you visit certain college campuses across the country, you might encounter a group of African-American and Latino male students in a meeting. At first, your attention might be drawn to the fact that each of the students is wearing a shirt and tie.

After observing the business-like manner in which the young men run their meeting, and hearing the students talk about ways to be successful, you would realize you had just observed a powerful example of what can be accomplished when young men work together to achieve their goals. For these students, the goal is to receive a college degree and continue to make their mark in the world—in the workforce or by furthering their graduate or professional education. These young men are members of the Student African American Brotherhood, or SAAB. Read More . . .

SAAB Founder and Executive Director Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe was honored by the City of Toledo’s Board of Community with a 2009 Youth Empowerment Award for his work with African American and Latino males. Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner said Dr. Bledsoe has dedicated “time, talent, and energy to improve the lives of the youth in our community."

SAAB is proud of its partnership with the University System of Georgia (USG) African American Male Initiative (AAMI) under the direction of Ms. Arlethia Perry-Johnson. The USG AAMI was launched in the fall of 2002 to address the recruitment, retention and graduation rates of Black males.

SAAB Founder/CEO, Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, along with SAAB Advisor Dr. Kevin Rome of North Carolina Central University were honored by the ACPA Educational Leadership Foundation as Diamond Honorees - Class of 2009.

SAAB is extremely pleased to recognize the Toledo Public Schools (TPS) system for having the most SAAB chapters within a K-12 system. TPS has 15 SAAB chapters within their system to include (8 high schools and 7 middle schools). We are please that the TPS Superintendent and School Board fully supports our partnership and expansion project within the system.

The Toledo, Ohio SAAB Chapter members participated in the annual joint celebration of The City of Toledo and The University of Toledo's 'Unity Day' honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - January, 2009. Local Channel 24 News provided article "Realizing Dr. King's dream through SAAB.

Black males: College or Prison?: Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe joined Chicago TV Talk Show "Garrard McClendon Live" to discuss "Black males: College or Prison?" (December 29, 2009)

SAAB Organization News 2008

SAAB is featured in the October 06, 2008 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education for its work with African American male students in colleges and high schools around the country. In the article entitled "Colleges Seek Key to Success of Black Men in Classroom" the need to reach out to African American men is highlighted and how SAAB’s provides a strong positive response to that need.

SAAB Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe is basking in the glory of President-elect Obama, but says there is still work to be done. "I'm challenging people to take it as a social responsibility to reach out and help those who have fallen by the wayside." By participating in service learning, SAAB's term for community service, and then we all get something back suggests Dr. Bledsoe. A thought process resonating with J.P. "You can't just sit around and think everything is going to happen. You have to get out there and do work, you have to help with your community if you want to make it a better place." There are no more excuses says Dr. Bledsoe, "I never thought there were excuses in the first place, but now I always say to my students, now you definitely don't have an excuse." Read the Channel 24 Editorial., 2008 - SAAB is honored to announce the support of a $725,000 grant received from the Lumina Foundation for Education to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the SAAB program. SAAB will be partnering with the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning, a non-profit consulting firm based in Philadelphia, to conduct the evaluation. OMG will partner with SAAB to build a system to evaluate the program’s effectiveness. OMG will evaluate the program’s impact on college access and student success in its chapters and work with SAAB to increase its capacity to collect data for the assessment of program effectiveness on an ongoing basis. “An evaluation system will provide us with critical data to help us understand our program’s effectiveness” says Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, SAAB’s founder and executive director. “Armed with that understanding, we can make more informed decisions about programming and chapter work and can share the results of the SAAB work with stakeholders, such as funders, universities and other key partners, and researchers in the field.” For more info, contact Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe: 419.530.3221 or

SAAB University of Toledo - Ohio Chapter was featured for its outstanding work in the latest article, SAAB tackling the Black, Brown Male Crisis.

SAAB is proud to continue its recognition of its partnership with the South Metropolitan Higher Education Consortium (SMHEC) for launching seven (7) new individual institutional SAAB chapters throughout the greater Chicago area. The SMHEC continues to work toward a regional approach in addressing the achievement gaps for African American and Latino males. Seven of its 15-member institutions have agreed to form SAAB chapters on their respective campuses to include Governors State University, Prairie State College, Kankakee Community College, University of Saint Francis, Joliet Junior College, Northwest Business College and South Suburban College. The SMHEC has a diverse membership with institutions to include 2-year, 4-year, private and public in nature.