SAAB Organization News 2014


Dr. Bledsoe is grateful for the invitation from Memphis Mayor’s Office to discuss launching SAAB chapters across the Memphis, along with serving on the distinguished Memphis Grad Nation Panel with Mr. David Johns, White House Executive Director; Dr. Johnnie Watson, President of Lemoyne Owens College; Dr. Roderick Richmond, Chief Academic Officer, Shelby County Schools.

SAAB Founder/CEO, Dr. Bledsoe has become a member of the Editorial Board for the “Voices in Education: A Bermuda College Publication.” Bermuda College began its work some three years ago to create a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal encompassing a diverse editorial board. SAAB values this opportunity and looks forward to establishing a closer relationship with Bermuda College and perhaps a SAAB Chapter for its campus in the future to make the first International SAAB Chapter in the family. Institute for Black Male Achievement (IBMA) Member Spotlight on SAAB Founder/CEO, Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe. SAAB is committed to instilling a sense of brotherhood and community purpose in all of its members.

SAAB is honored to partner with Lumina Foundation for Education in their efforts for Goal 2025. Lumina Foundation for Education seeks to ensure that, by the year 2025, 60 percent of Americans hold a college degree, certificate or post-secondary credential.

The SAAB organization has enjoyed a long time relationship with Lumina Foundation for Education and is fully committed to assisting in projects such as and other Community Partner Attainment (CPA) endeavors to help Lumina Foundation for Education reach Goal 2025!

Thanks to our SAAB Presentation Team assembled in Los Angeles for our presentation at the National Talent Dividend Conference in downtown LA. Special thanks to SAAB National Spokesperson, Mr. Dondre Whitfield, for taking time out of his busy day to join the team as well. April 07, 2014.

Louisiana Black Male Success Summit

Dillard University in New Orleans, LA hosted a summit to engage educators and stakeholders across Louisiana on successful pathways for Black Male Success. SAAB CEO/Founder, Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe was participated, along with Dr. Shaun R. Harper, Dr. Walter Kimbrough (President of Dillard University), and Mr. Michael Hutchinson from Philander Smith College. Many thanks to Lumina Foundation for Education for sponsoring this event!

500 Black Male Students Plan Their Rise with SAAB and BMe This Weekend: BMe published an excellent article on the SAAB BMe partnership and thoughts on President Obama’s "My Brother's Keeper" Initiative. BMe was largest sponsor of SAAB National Conference 2014.

"Decades before President Barack Obama announced “My Brother’s Keeper” as a critical US initiative, the Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) was organizing black male college students to help each other to graduate."

Read the full article . . .

SAAB National Headquarters is pleased to introduce and celebrate our First “SAAB Celebrity Spokesperson” - Mr. Dondre Whitfield!

Mr. Whitfield has passionately partnered with the SAAB Family in support of our mission to empower young men of color across the nation; to help them successfully graduate and reach their fullest potential. We are elated beyond measure and welcome Mr. Whitfield as he joins the SAAB Family.

We invite SAAB stakeholders to share in our excitement and enthusiasm for this outstanding humanitarian and social innovator. His work as an actor, comedian, author, motivational speaker and philanthropist adds incredible value to SAAB’s platform as a necessary and relevant entity within the educational, mainstream and social media spheres. Mr. Whitfield will be our Featured Speaker at this year’s National Conference 2014.

Mr. Trabian Shorters talks about the Black Male Engagement Initiative from Knight Foundation from Open Society Foundations on