SAAB Publications

Black Male Student Success in Higher Education Report: SAAB is featured in “Venues for Brotherly Bonding and Peer Support” from the Black Male Student Success in Higher Education Report from The National Black Male College Achievement Study by Shaun R. Harper, Ph.D. Read the full report . . . SAAB is on page 22.

Men of Color: A Role for Policymakers in Improving the Status of Black Male Students in U.S. Higher Education: SAAB is featured in this report which depicts that over the past several years, a wide variety of groups, from foundations to think tanks to national leaders, have collectively advanced an aggressive agenda focused on improving college completion and increasing postsecondary degree attainment rates among Americans. Read Full Report - SAAB on page 7.

Targeting Blacks, Latinos for College Success: No Man Left Behind: OMG features SAAB Diverse Issues in Higher Education article: "No less than 2 out of every five Black and Latino men enroll in college, but few finish. SAAB is highlighted in Diverse: Issues In Higher Education for their success with increasing the graduation rate among Black and Latino men."

No Man Left Behind: SAAB is featured in the Convergence: Diversity and Inclusion, March 15, 2012 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education. This winter, Jacobbie Watts, a young man from Lexington, Ky., enrolled at the College of New Rochelle School of New Resources to study business and education. “I want to get a ‘good’ job,” he said enthusiastically. “I have worked since graduation from high school, but only in low-paying jobs where I could not see a future beyond the position that I was in. Getting a college education means better living, success, higher self-esteem and probably relieves a little stress.” Read full article on page 20 . . .

African American Men in College: "African American Men in College" Jossey-Bass (2004) explores factors that impact the success of African American college men and reports on recent research on African American college men and some factors that promote their successful matriculation. An examination of a sampling of these factors is, in essence, a testimony to the completeness of the SAAB program. Factors found to benefit African American Men in College include:

  • A positive academic climate benefits African American college men A positive social environment benefits African American college men.
  • Mentoring experiences positively impact African American college men.
  • Positive outcomes associated with leadership roles benefit African American college men Positive exercise of spirituality and religious activity impacts on educational outcomes and self-concept of African American college men.
  • Faculty/staff mentors make a difference
  • African American males want support/connections with other African American males.
  • African American males want to be leaders although they may not indicate it.
  • Mentoring does work.

Noncognitive variables in predicting academic success by race: A research study on six SAAB chapters employs the Non-Cognitive Variables and have been shown in numerous studies to serve as strong predictors of college success for African American college students. Non-Cognitive Variables reflected through the SAAB Experience:

  • Positive self-concept or confidence
  • Realistic self-appraisal
  • Understand and deal with racism
  • Prefers long-rang goals to short-term or immediate needs
  • Availability of a strong support person
  • Successful leadership experience
  • Knowledge acquired in a field

(Tracey, T. J., & Sedlacek, W. E. (1984). Noncognitive variables in predicting academic success by race. Measurement and Evaluation in Guidance, 16(4), 171-178).