SAAB Testimonials (continued)

SAAB has given me a second chance. The reason why I said that is because if people only knew what my past life was like in school and how I used to pick fights, hit teachers, throw objects at students, and the whole nine yards. Then they'll see why I used A Second Chance.

SAAB has what I've been fighting for since I'd changed my life and got involved with politics in Kankakee County. You see in SAAB it doesn't matter what you've done in the past, if you have a police record, if your personal life at home is not good, if you don't have enough money to wear the hottest name brand clothes that are out, it doesn't matter! because in SAAB when you put on that dress shirt and tie we're all equal!, We're all one body, we're all in this together. If one of us is hurt then we're all hurt, if one of us is happy then we're all happy, If one needs something we try our best to see that as long as we're together that person will want for nothing more. You see it doesn't matter what color, race, religion, etc that we are. Because at the end of the day we're all brothers!!

In SAAB you get a Second Chance to redeem yourself. You get a Second chance to have the family, father figure, older brother, or a positive male figure that you've only dreamt about, you get a second chance to express yourself and never have to worry about somebody laughing at you, pointing their fingers and making fun of you. Because we all are striving for the same goal in life and that's to be a better person.

SAAB is what I've dreamed for, a Brotherhood, (not a Organization) that allows us males of all race and color to express ourselves without getting negative feedback, without having to be reminded of our past, and without getting looked at by others as if we're not all equal. Racism is still alive and like I tell people, to me us males are all the same ---the only thing that's different about us is the difference in our skin color, if you think about it there's only two colors in us all which are BLACK & LIGHT.

SAAB has given me a second chance to redeem myself and get my life together---and to put my gifts to use of something good and positive. SAAB has done a lot for me since I've heard about it and joined.

With our SAAB motto I try to live it in my everyday life. I wouldn't trade this Brotherhood for anything in the world, because I believe in our motto: I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER......AND TOGETHER WE WILL RISE! Kankakee High School Student, SAAB (Brother 2 Brother) Chapter, Kankakee, Illinois January 2009

Hello Everyone, My name is Tony D. Beck and I'm and student at Kankakee High School. In the High School there's a organization that gives the young men a chance and a change that is so much needed in our the generation of today. This organization of brotherhood unites the young men in the school with our motto: I am My Brother's Keeper and Together We Will Rise, Saving Lives Salvaging Dreams! and to the young men in the organization that means a lot. That's what keeps us going.

Brother 2 Brother gives us the chance to let our voices be heard and don't worry about getting laugh at or brushed off. It gives us the family that most of us don't have. It gives us the path we need to make ourselves better. Many young men in the organization express themselves and tells us how people would tell them that they wouldn't amount to anything because of their past.

But Brother 2 Brother helps us Learn from our Past, Live in our Present, and Prepare for our future. Because what you put in life will determine what you get out. Brother 2 Brother is what everybody needs to know about. It's not like other organizations out in the world today. It gives us the chance to be better. To want to be better. We learn that we need each other. We learn that we can be better. If I go to our National Conference in March I'll come back and show you pictures of how Brother 2 Brother has touch the life's of all young brothers of every color, race, you name it Brother to Brother has touch them in a special way. I hope that we last for every.

Thank you Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe who founded this wonderful helping tool to help young brothers be better in life. Also thank you to Kankakee High School Dean of Students and Brother 2 Brother Adviser Mr. Marcus Strother. He has help touch the young men lives in the KHS Chapter. We love Mr. Strother and I want to thank him for everything he has done and in advance for everything he going to do for me and Brother 2 Brother. I'm so glad and proud to say this with all the love in my heart that I'm glad to be apart of Brother 2 Brother. This is History in the Making. Thank you for your ear in this time of a New and fresh Start in 2009. Anthony {Tony } D. Beck Kankakee County Youth Advocate 549 South Wildwood Kankakee, Illinois October 2008

Hello, I would just like to say Thank You, for the great conference this weekend in San Diego. I was so very proud and elated to see our young brothers and older brothers - all together in one place - for a great cause.

I saw so much respect and pride - Young, Gifted and Black. I would like to thank the founder, Dr. Bledsoe for allowing a waiver for my nephew, Donshay Bandy. Donshay is a great young man, but he needs positive and constant role models in his life. His father is in prison, but he never has let that get in the way of his passion to succeed, and football. He is a good student - which I emphasis first and foremost. He does not come from a home that gets it - for our youth. But, I Thank God, that his grandmother and me - try to do the best that we can with him - and so far, so good.

I saw the pride, confidence in Donshay, Malcom and Malichi - other young men who attended the conference - immediately - upon picking them up from the conference. I felt so inspired by these very young men - who are already smart, but the conference - just delivered more - confidence and pride within them - and in their souls.

I was so honored to be in their presence on the way home - asking, and listening to their thoughts. I call them the young - "Barack Obamas". I told them - they sounded as if they were in the White House.

Thank You all so much. Your staff was awesome too. I will Thank - an awesome brother here in San Diego - Michael Brunker, Director of the Jackie Robinson YMCA, one who is constantly "bringing it - in the community. Sincerely, D. Ann Roberson, M.C.D.C.C. Adjunct Professor, San Diego City College November, 2008