SAAB Theory of Change

In 2008, SAAB articulated a theory of change and desired outcomes for its work. Short-term desired outcomes include improvement in members’ educational aspirations, self-esteem and identity, sense of social responsibility, academic progress, sense of belonging to their school, and ability to navigate college processes and systems. In the longer term, SAAB hopes to increase members’ graduation rates and preparation for entry into the workforce, and to improve the climate on college campuses so that they are supportive of the success of students of color.

Development of a program-wide theory of change

In order to develop the SAAB theory of change, OMG reviewed existing documents (e.g., governing documents, chapter structures, and sample by-laws); interviewed seven stakeholders including SAAB board members, chapter advisors, and other higher-education officials engaged with the organization; and attended the 2008 West Regional SAAB Conference in San Diego.

Based on the information gathered, OMG drafted and worked with SAAB leadership to finalize the Theory Of Change. The document defines the strategic focus of the organization, the context for its creation, assumptions underlying the program model, key SAAB activities, and short- and long-term desired outcomes.